10 lines about my best friend

10 lines on my best friend

  1. My dear friend, friends are very important in our lives.
  1. We freely discuss sports, studies and our journey with our friends.
  1. Often one of our friends starts liking our mind the most. We feel astonished when he comes to school one day.

  2. Sudhir is such a dear friend of mine.

  3. Sudhir and I have been studying together since the first grade, we sit together.

  4. Sudhir and my father both work in the same office at 8, so we keep meeting outside as well.

  5. Sudhir is a clever and sharp student.
  1. He is very dear to the teacher. He often attacks me on my laziness for my work.
  1. He is also very proud. He does not take unnecessary help from anyone. And playing football is the most like it.
  1. Sudhir has a bad habit, he does not finish his food. .

  2. I sit and feed him. Seeing our mutual love, other friends also envy.
  1. But I am very happy to find such a friend.

10 lines about my best friend

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