10 Lines about My Little sister

10 Lines about My Little sister

  1. My younger sister my younger sister is my friend and my partner. His name is Anya.

  2. She is very bubbly and naughty. We all affectionately call her a bird because she never stays in one place.

  3. Anya is three years old and we have just put her in school. All her teachers like her very much. He has also made many friends.

  4. Anya is unable to take care of her books, so I pack her bags. At night, I also read stories from my book to Anya.

  5. We both go to play together in the evening.

  6. I swing him on the swing Anya loves my friends too.

  7. Once Anya fell very ill. He had to be admitted to the hospital.

  8. I prayed a lot for his health and upon returning home he breathed.

  9. Anya's birthday is about to come and now I am preparing for that.

  10. Anya also returns my affection with respect.

  11. I thank God for such a dear little sister.

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