10 Lines about My school (few sentences)

10 Lines about My school (few sentences)

  1. I study in the fifth grade at Gyan Mandir School. Sixty years old. The school's reputation has spread far and wide.

  2. The school in the middle of the city

  3. The spread is over a large area. Students from every corner of the city read here. Come.

  4. Enticing rows of colorful flowers as soon as I entered my school. Can be seen.

  1. A class room equipped with large pictures welcomes guests

  2. Our school has about a hundred rooms.

  1. Reasonable number in ventilated classrooms. Fans and tube lights have been installed.

  2. The school has a large playground in the middle. Adjoining it.

  1. A large room is suitable for all sports. Badminton and | Separate courts are made for sports like tennis.

  2. Long shadowy roads all the way through the school. Are thoracic.

  3. There are laboratories and rooms for science, geography, history, mathematics and all other subjects.

  4. All types of items related to these subjects are available. __ Many books, magazines and some newspapers are also kept in the library here.

  1. The hospital, teacher room, hostel have all been well constructed. Our Principal is disciplinary and students are very

  2. Make love Along with students' education, they give equal importance to sports, which is why our school excels in both education and sports.

  3. I am proud of my school and the qualified teachers here.

10 Lines about My school

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