10 Lines on My Father (few sentences)

10 Lines on My Father (short essay on my dear father)

  1. My father is dependent on trees like flowers, leaves and twigs, similarly we children are completely dependent on our parents.

  2. Our father is the operator of our house. They take full care of all the needs of their children, their mobility, their education.

  3. My father is an engineer. He is a humble person of simple nature.

  4. They build bridges in big cities, but they do not boast of their success.

  5. By late night wearing glasses and folding the shirt, they make maps. I also paint colors with them on my pedestal in the maps of India.

  6. My father also does a lot of mischief with me like a friend. They sit on their high shoulders and make me break guava from the tree.

  7. On Sunday we wash their car together. He also loves getting wet in the rain with me. No matter how busy I am, my father always takes us for a walk every Sunday.

  8. On my birthday, he surprised me by coming to my school.

  9. He also brought gifts for all my friends.

  10. I too want to grow up and move on like my father.

  11. My father is my role model.
10 Lines on My Father


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