10 lines on sheep (few sentences about sheep)

10 lines on sheep  - Sheep have a deep connection with humans since ancient times. Sheep is a four-legged pet animal whose average age is around 8 years. There are hooves under the legs of the sheep which divide the feet into two parts. There is wool on the body of the sheep which keeps on growing and for that the sheep are reared. Different breeds of sheep are found all over the world. Some sheep have sing, while most sheep have no sing. Sheep shows their expressions with their ears and it is very clever. The power of remembering sheep is also very high. Sheep eats grass, plants etc.

10 lines on sheep

Few sentences about Sheep 

1. Sheep Sheep is found all over the world. The average lifespan of a sheep is 8 years, but some sheep lead even more lives.
2. Sheep is a vegetarian animal that eats grass and grains. Sheep have greater hearing capacity.

3. Lamb is called lamb. Male sheep are called Rams and females are called Ewes.
4. Sheep farming is mainly done for wool production. Sheep have a thick layer of wool on their body which keeps on growing throughout the age.
5. Sheep Sheep's ability to produce wool depends on its breed. Good quality sheep will produce more wool. The sheep that produce less wool are used for meat. Some sheep are also used to find.
6. Sheep's milk is very nutritious as it has high protein content.
7. Sheep is a mammal animal with four legs. The main identity of a sheep is its body wool. Warm clothes are made from sheep's wool.
8. Hill sheep are larger in body than sheep of another breed. The sheep of Siberia and Mongolia are large and strong, called the Argali breed. These sheep also climb easily on high mountains.
9. Sheep Sheep has a fast memory and can remember anything for many years.
10. Sheep have hoofs which are divided into two parts. There is a gland between the toes.
11. Some breeds of sheep have horns, but most sheep do not have horns.
12. Sheep wool contains an oil called Lenolin which is used in cosmetic making.
13. Some famous breeds of Sheep Sheep - Marino Merino, Suffolk Suffolk, Dorset Horn Dorset Horn, Hampshire Sheep, Harnali, Jessalmeri are some of the famous breeds from which wool and meat are produced.
14. China has the highest number of sheep.
15. Sheep hunters are lions, wolves, dogs who kill and eat them.
16. A sheep clone named Doli was produced in 1996. This sheep lived about 7 years. One of the famous children's poem "Baba Baba Black Sheep" is based on sheep.

Sheep is an animal with a thick coat of wool on its body. Sheep have doses that are divided into two toes. There is a gland between their toes. Rama's horns are usually turned outward. Not all rams are horns. There are also hornless breeds. In some breeds, even ewes have horns. The average lifespan of a sheep is about 7 years. Some live longer. Sheep should not be confused with goats. They are different in many ways. Sheep do not have beards like a billy goat. They also do not have the "goat" smell.

Sheep are reared for the production of wool. The ability of sheep to produce wool is determined by their breed. Hot clothes are prepared from sheep's wool.
Many types of items are made from their wool. There is an oil called Lenolin in their wool, which is used to make cosmetics. Candles are also made from sheep's wool and leather and clothes are also prepared from it.

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