10 lines on Winter Season (short essay)

The winter season is a very good and pleasant weather, the cold air is going on at this time, the blue sky is fog in the morning and evening.

Autumn has been described through different essays keeping in mind the small class and large class students.
10 Lines on Winter Season

(1) The winter season starts in the month of November and lasts till the month of February.

(2) As soon as the winter season starts, the day becomes shorter and the night becomes bigger.

(3) In winter, the effect of sunlight is reduced and winds move from the north side.

(4) In these days, all people use hot clothes sweaters,  coats, blankets,quilts,  etc.

(5) In winter, the digestive power becomes stronger, so all people make health by eating good food.

(6) In the winter days, the villagers defend themselves from the cold by burning fire in the morning.

(7) These days,there are big festivals like Deepawali,  Lohri,  Christmas, which people enjoy a lot.

(8)   In autumn, fruits and vegetables are produced in good quantities.

(9) In the months of December and January, there is a lot of cold fog which does not show anything.

(10) At present, the time of the school is from 10:00  am to 4:00  pm.

Short essay on Winter Season

Role -

  1. After the rainy season, autumn comes to an end in the month of February starting from the month of November. At this time the weather becomes cold and pleasant.

  2. This season is a unique nature because there is cold weather in the summer places in our India country which is liked by all the people.

Importance of Winter -

  1. As soon as the winter season starts, the farmers are ready to sow their new crops. In this season, everyone gets good and nutritious food.

  2. Because at present all kinds of vegetables such as cabbage, cauliflower,   beans,  pea potatoes,  radish,  carrots and fruits are available in abundance in full quantities.

  3. Due to cold weather, the health system of all people is good and people can work all day and sleep well because of the long night.

  4. Deepawali, India's largest festival in autumn, is celebrated with a number of festivals like Lohri, Dussehra,  Navratri,  Govardhan Puja,  Bhai DooJ,  Chhath Puja.

  5. The glare and joys of these festivals are the minds of the people.

Winter routine -

  • In winter, the routine of all people as well as other creatures also changes. At present, due to high cold, all the people are wearing sweaters,  mufflers,  coats,gloves,

  • Due to the pleasant weather, people reduce laziness. In the morning, people start exercising, exercising, etc. The elderly people and children of the village are seen to be burnt by burning fireplace and bonfire.
    At present, schools and office hours are extended from 10:00  am to 4:00

  • Because of the high cold, people prefer to get out of their homes in the afternoon, people sit in the sun on the roofs of the houses and get relief from the cold.

  • In the winter season, the days are short, so the evening becomes early and people also return to their homes early because the cold becomes more in the evening.

  • At the time of the evening, people start to lurk in quilts and eat their favorite hot hot meals and then sleep on television by watching entertainment programmers.

  • Cold winds lead to cold winds causing more care to the elderly and children. In the winter season, the farmer is also able to do more because he does not have to endure heat and sunlight.

Conclusion -

  1. The winter season is very essential for our India country because most of the time is heat, so people are very good at the winter season.

Long essay on Winter Season

Winter Time Period -

  • The winter season starts in the month of November but there is a severe cold in the month of December and According to Hindu months, Karthik, Aghan,  Posh and Magh – four months are cold.

  • Natural view of winter season -

  • The winter season is totally different than other seasons,  at this time the time of day is very short and the night time is very large.

  • In autumn, dew is in the morning, which does not appear even at a small distance and the weather is so cold that people do not want to get out of the quilt.

  • At this time, the growth of all the trees stops and their leaves are slowly being scattered, many trees are painted  with the leaves of plants, which fascinate all the people.

  • There is snowfall in the hilly areas, it seems that the mountains have taken a white sheet and when the sun's ray falls on the snow, a different glow appears under the open blue sky.

  • It is a very wonderful sight that thousands of tourists visit the mountains to see. As the day falls during the evening, the cold starts to grow.

  • At the time, the mustard crop is sown in the fields and when the yellow flowers come on the mustard crop, the sight is not less than a paradise.

Cold weather and health -

  • In the cold weather, the health of all people is good because at this time the digestive power becomes stronger and people also feel more hungry.

  • Whatever we eat because of the strong digestive power, it makes our body strong and Due to cold weather, people exercise for a longer period of time, causing their health to be good.

  • In the winter season, all kinds of fresh vegetables and fruits are available which are good health. But due to cold, the elderly and young children suffer because of the severe cold, which makes them sick.

Characteristic of winter season -

  • The winter season comes to get rid of the heat, which causes people to roam all day long because of this, most people prefer to wander in winter.

  • The weather patterns are so cold and pleasant that people enjoy it by wearing warm clothes. In winter, the days are small and the night is large, causing people to sleep fully.

  • Most people prefer to eat hot things at this time, such as kachori,  pakora,  sesame, jaggery, and eating in the cold does not cause any harm to these things.

  • At this time, a kind of flowers go to the plantation, which looks very beautiful to see. At present, crops like wheat,  groundnut, bajra,  , are very good. In the winter season, many of India's main festivals are celebrated like Deepawali,   Dussehra,  Navratri,  Bhai DooJ, Govardhan,  New Year,  Makar  Sankranti, Chhath Puja, etc., the enjoyment of winter season is further increased due to these festivals.

Epithet -

  • All kinds of seasons are necessary for our environment but the cold weather is all like and it goes for some time, so everybody enjoys it.

  • In the winter season, the surrounding season is cold and pleasant, which is liked by all beings. This season is very good for health construction.

  • At present, there is snow falling somewhere, and there is a cold air and plantations in the plains are taken from flowers. The yellow flowers of the mustard crop in the fields are waving as if the earth has taken a yellow sheet.

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