Short essay on cat

 Short essay on cat

The cat is a medium-sized animal found around the world, with four legs and pointed claws, a long tail, it is found in white, brown and black color. Blue or yellow cat has two big ears, with the help of which it can easily listen to even the smallest sound. It has short hair all over its body. It is an animal that falls under the category of omnivorous animals. Diet is milk, meat, bread etc. Its main food is a rat. It catches mice and consumes them, so it is also considered as the biggest enemy of mice. Rats run away after seeing them. It is found in every province of the world. It is an animal, it is also kept as a pet in homes. People raise it to fulfill their hobby. This is an animal that can jump from them to their place and there is no doubt that it is very fast. Can run at speed

A cat is a cute and small animal. It is very beautiful, which usually looks like a tiger. The cat makes the sound of the meow meow. It is very much like children. Cat belongs to the category of intelligent animals. Understands the gesture of the cat very well. The body of a cat is the same as that of a dog. It has two round eyes, which are blue and green in color. The eyes of this animal keep shining in the night. It can see that it has four strong claws, its claws are very sharp, a cat has about 30 teeth in its mouth and its baby has about 26 teeth in its mouth. It is an omnivorous animal that feeds meat other than milk bread. The fish eats it whenever it hunts, the legs move and the victim does not even know its arrival and breaks down on its prey. The cat spends most of its heart in sleep, which is about 8 in 1 day. Sleeps for 10 hours; Wakes up more at night. Jai goes out on his prey at night Or it keeps wandering around in search of food till it cannot find food, it keeps searching for food.

The lifespan of a cat is about 12 to 15 years. This animal gives birth to 3 to 7 children at a time. Kittens are not visible at birth but gradually begin to appear in their children. Loves and cares for them, feeds them and protects their children from predators. A pet cat is very calm in nature but the cat found in the wild has a quarrelsome nature. She can hurt anyone who is found in the forest. She is usually recruited by hunting small animals, but the cats that are raised in the houses usually feed themselves by eating milk and bread. is

A cat is very cute and a pet. The cat is found in almost all countries. Usually the cat is the most water in America where it is reared as a pet. Because it hunts the mice and eats them by killing them, the rats run away fearing them. The cat likes to rest the most. It keeps on tormenting throughout the day. It is not a lazy animal. Is quite flexible and agile, most cats in Europe and America are fed water where they are reared as pets.

The cat has short silky hair all over its body, which protects them from excess cold and excess heat, its body is made in such a way that it looks like a tiger's form, what kind of animal that falls from a height So it does not hurt because its body is very flexible, its body muscles are very strong and flexible, its four strong legs and toes have large pointed nails which help it to hold anything easily and it Holds it in a strong way. It is as big as a mattress under its foot. It also helps in hunting. Often the purr keeps on making the sound of purr whenever you feel hungry or feel the danger. It does not seem to be able to see clearly in the dark and they do not have any problem. At night, it has one nose and two ears, with the help of which its ability to hear and hear is considered very sharp. It has a long tail on which There is a lot of hair which helps in maintaining its balance in the mouth of a kitten There are about 25 to 26 teeth and 30 teeth are found in the mouth of an adult cat. A cat weighs about 5 to 8 kg at a time. It can give birth to 3 to 8 children. It is as common as an animal and it is also found as a pet. A pet cat has a very good nature, it gets mixed up well but whatever is found in the forest is very fast and dangerous. It is believed that everyone does not like to meet with humans. The cat is such an animal that preys on its feet silently, as if the work does not even know that suddenly the cat breaks on it. Shaking the question, she expresses her reaction, I also have a cat on the mouth, which has very big hair, the cat likes to eat meat poop, besides bird pigeon milk bread, but keeps looking for its prey but Hunts more and keeps looking for its food, more than 30 species of cats around the world Lions are considered to be the only species of leopard.

Millions of cats are found all over the world. The group of cats is called calder. It is an animal that listens better than a dog. Their hearing is much more than a dog. Can run at the speed of an hour People in ancient times worshiped cats. They believed in cats that worshiping cats is auspicious. A cat is an animal that when jumping from a height of more than 20 meters It doesn't hurt, it can jump 5 times its height.

A cat is a cute and homely animal. People who keep it in their homes as pets. Many species of cat are found that apply to each other in their color and behavior. Some are black in color and some are special. Who is a cat? Who can have various different types? The hair of a cat is long, but the whole body of cats is covered with hair. The cat is an animal that looks exactly like a tiger but It is much smaller than the garden, it is actually considered a member of the species after such animals are known. The cat is found in both carnivorous and vegetarian species, its eyes are very bright which is greenish green which is dark. Even in the night, Piya can easily see the night, if walking on the way, if a person cuts a cat, then it is considered inauspicious to people, although there is a superstition, the cat is very afraid of the dog.

It is a very cute animal which is a domestic animal, it is kept as a pet, its paws are also strong and pointy, it has two small ears, so its hearing ability is also very strong. And there is a magnificent animal when cats easily climb a high wall on trees and apart from that it can jump tall and long distances at any time.

One of the beloved animals is a pet. It is a very cute animal. It has bright eyes and is a carnivorous and herbivorous animal that sings cheese, rice, milk, etc. The cat is of various types which is of its size and food. Differ from each other in the case

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