Short essay on Horse

Short essay on Horse 

The horse is an animal found in the category of vegetarian animals, it weighs from about 300 kg to 600 kg, which has four big legs which is quite strong which Ranji is capable of running fast. It also has a long tail. It is considered capable of running very fast. It spends most of its life in running, its color is white, black and brown. Horse food is usually sweet items grass and grains. Apart from this, the horse loves to eat gram. The horse gets a lot of strength by eating gram, due to which it runs fast for a long time. The horse starts walking only after a few hours of the time of birth. The horse which is up to 30 years comes in the category of a powerful and intelligent animal. 

The horse has been reared by humans since ancient times as a pet. It has four legs whenever the horse stands in a place for a long time. When it remains, it lifts up one of its legs, it is with the world It is also an animal found in many places, in addition to it is an animal found in most areas, its body is very strong, due to which it is very beautiful in appearance, its muscles are very strong due to which it is 70 to 80 kilometers In the old times, King Maharaja used to be fond of raising horses, because of this, in the old times, horses were used a lot in the fight, on the horse, King Maharaja used to ride and go for war in our country. A Chetak named Pratap, who had the famous horse of victory used to talk to the air in the blink of an eye, it ran very fast and it was a wise and powerful horse. In olden days it was believed that the one who had more horses was the same war. Used to win

Horse has been a means of transport since ancient times, it has also been used to carry goods. In some places, when the horse is attached to the farm, work is done in the farm, when the horse is a Hazara animal like a dog, it never gives to its owner. He does not speak and runs to him as soon as he sees it. The life of a horse is from 25 years to 30 years, but in the investment Tapti there was a horse named Delhi who was suffering for more than 60 years horses all over the world. More than one hundred and fifty species of species are found which differ from each other in their color and behavior. Arabian horse which is considered to be the best breed horse among the species of horses. The horse is found in many colors like brown white blue black etc. It has two big eyes, it has two ears, with the help of which one can hear easily. The horse always breathes through the nose, it is very long and with very big hair behind it because of this whenever it runs. So its hair keeps waving in the air which is a very beautiful sight The horse has a long tail on which the hair is very thick. The horse is a much stronger animal than other animals. In many places, the work of haying is also done in the fields, about 40 teeth in the mouth of the horse. Are or usually like to live in herds and it is more like to stay close to such humans.

 The horse is an animal found in all the pictures of the world. Nowadays the horse is also used to rotate the tourists. Due to the formation of a government in India, to prevent the horse's legs from being cut, an iron cord has to be installed in the feet. In today's time, horse racing competitions are also organized. Nowadays people like to raise the horse for horse riding more. Horses were used, but nowadays people are reared for horse riding. Many people also raise such a hobby to fulfill their hobby. The baby boy stands on his feet only after trying at birth because There is a lot of strength in the legs and legs of a horse, due to which some life after birth Chat stands on its feet * It is a very powerful animal, its food is very much liked by eating green grass and gram, which is said with great fervor in which a lot of protein is found, the horse's heart is also big. It is one whose heart keeps flowing in large quantities, can run without stopping for many hours without any exhaustion, putting itself easily according to the situation on the horse, that the government also easily joins and which also easily on the hills And it tolerates the cold and heat easily, anyone who does a little bit of walking can easily complete it. The horse is also called a hard life. 

The horse was also used to play the famous game. It is believed that in today's time it is also considered a symbol of Hindu power, because of this, Yagyas are also done in our country. In olden times, horses were also used by traders to sell goods. It is also used in the army, as much importance of horse was in the olden times. It is equally important in today's time and it is resorted to rotate all the players, in our India too many species of horses are found which are different from each other in their color. Person


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