10 Lines on Camera


10 Lines on Camera 

1. Camera is a contraption by which photographs are taken. 

2. With the help of camera, we get the past memories in pictures. 

3. An individual snapping an image with a camera is known as a photographic craftsman. 

4. The word camera comes from Latin camera obscura. 

5. Camera Obscura infers dull room or room. 

6. It was created by the Iraqi analyst Ibn al-Hazain. 

7. The chief progressed camera was envisioned in the year 1976 

8. There are two kinds of cameras photo cameras and camcorders. 

9. A camera that produces video is known as a camcorder. 

10. Each room has a point of convergence and a photographic plate. 

11. There is a visually impaired before the point of convergence which is called conceal. 

12. Camera is a huge piece of present day versatile.


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