10 lines on coronavirus -

 10 lines on coronavirus -

1. Coronavirus is a group of certain types of infections.

2. It is also called Novel Coronavirus or Kovid-19.

3. The infection of this infection started from Wuhan, China.

4. A large number of people have lost their lives due to Kovid across the world so far.

5. America has the highest number of infected patients in the world.

6. "Crown" means "crown" in Latin.

7. To avoid Kovid, hands should be washed with a cleanser.

8. WHO has declared Kovid a pandemic.

9. In the human body, covid contaminates the lungs.

10. The underlying indications of Taj are cold and influenza like.

11. Stay away from people who have side effects of cold and flu.

12. Crown contamination stains the oldest.

13. Maharashtra is the most affected province of corona infection in India.

14. Social isolation may finally be useful in the jungle of Taj.

15. The disease of this infection is mainly spread through tourists.

16. COVID has affected the way of life of the whole world.


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