10 Lines on Mahavir Jayanti

10 Lines on Mahavir Jayanti 
  1. Mahavira Jayanti is a famous and sacred festival celebrated by the people of Jain sect
  2. This jubilee is celebrated as the birth day of Lord Mahavira.
  3. Mahavir was born into a princely family.
  4. His father's name is Siddharth, mother's name was Trishala
  5. He was born on the triad of the Shukla side of Chaitra Mah.
  6. His childhood name was Vardhman.
  7. Therefore, he is also called as a crescent
  8. Lord Lord Mahavira 24 He was a Tirthankara.
  9. He has contributed significantly to the establishment of the core principles of the religion of the Jain
  10. On the day of Mahavir Jubilee, his tableaux are taken out and the procession is taken out.

10 Sentences on Mahavir Jayanti - 2

1. On the day of Mahavir Jubilee, people of Jainism celebrate with great pomp.
2. On this day the people of Jainism leave Mahavir's tableau and procession.
3. In this day, followers of Mahavir or Jainism bathe and charity is also done
4. Mahavir Jubilee has a holiday for government offices and educational institutions
5. In this day, pavans bathe and charity is also done
6. Mahavir statues are anointed and worship is also done
7. Mahavir Swami was a symbol of non-violence. He inspired the world to follow the path of truth and non-violence
8. He had knowledge under the tree of the year on the banks of the river Ritupalika. Due to which he was called Kevalin.
9. He was known as Mahavir due to the call and might he called due to subduing the senses
10. He told the Panchsheel principle to the people.
11. Our society should try to follow the principle stated by Mahavir.


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