10 lines on my hobby

 10 Lines on My Hobby (Set 1) 

• Everyone ought to foster a hobby so he can be occupied and accomplish something imaginative in his extra time. 

• I additionally have a hobby. 

• I am partial to playing football. 

• It makes me glad 

• I play football with my companions. 

• I am likewise the chief of my school's football crew. 

• Football is likewise a worldwide game. 

• I need to be a football player. 

• It has become an enthusiasm of mine. 

• I love my hobby. 


My Hobby 10 Lines Essay (Set 2) 

1. My hobby is understanding books. 

2. I love to peruse. 

3. Perusing has been my hobby since youth. 

4. Perusing books gives us a great deal of information. 

5. I read numerous books, papers, magazines and so forth 

6. Perusing can work on talking abilities. 

7. I love to play cricket that is my hobby 

8. I learn no less than 3 to 4 hours every day. 

9. It's anything but really difficult for me. 

10. Indeed, perusing is the awesome me. 

10 Lines Essay on My Hobby (Set 3) 

• Hobbies are exercises that are done consistently and give us delight. 

• My number one hobby is to play volleyball. 

• It keeps me fit and sound. 

• It makes me genuinely and intellectually dynamic. 

• It likewise assists me with mitigating my pressure. 

• I find that I am most joyful when I play. 

• I get roundabout exercise when I play. 

• Playing volleyball assists me with invigorating from my bustling life. 

• I play volleyball at whatever point I get extra energy. 

• I trust that in this day and age individuals will comprehend the significance of playing. 


5 Lines on My Hobby (Set 4) 

1. My hobby is moving. 

2. Moving is an extraordinary exercise. 

3. It helps in loosening up the psyche. 

4. It's anything but an awesome and viable approach to communicate our considerations. 

5. Moving in bunches teaches the soul of cooperation in the understudies.

10 lines on My Hobby Painting 

  1. I do my hobby in my extra time. 
  2. I have numerous pastimes like playing cricket, flying kites, contemplating and so on 
  3. In any case hobby is painting. 
  4. I love painting various things. 
  5. I don't have the foggiest idea about when I am punting. 
  6. To start with I couldn't paint that well. 
  7. However, presently I paint very well. 
  8. My folks love my canvases. 
  9. My mom likewise assists me with my artistic creation. 
  10. I have first prize in painting rivalry of my school.


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