10 Lines on Parrot in English

10 Lines on Parrot in English for students and kids 

1. Peacock is a lovely and speaking bird. 

2. This phenomenal bird is particularly unobtrusive in nature and bashful. 

3. Peacock is the public bird of India 

4. Peacock is considered as the "Leader of Birds". 

5. Their striking plumage is astoundingly engaging. 

6. The Indian green peacock has a wide top on its head. 

7. Their ordinary age is around 20 to 25 years. Everyone loves this beautiful bird. 

8. They are astoundingly vigilant in nature, causing boisterous upheavals when they are at genuine danger. 

9. Its stunning greatness lies in its blue and green tones and grand plumage. 

10. They are buddies of farmers and adversaries of snakes and little bugs. 

10 Lines on Parrot

10 Lines on Parrot - 2

1. Peacock is the public bird of India. 

2. They are found all over India. 

3. Peacocks dance during the turbulent season. 

4. Peacock Dance is standard. 

5. It's anything but's a tremendous bird and has charming long wings. 

6. "Peacock" is masculine and the genteel is arranged "Peahen". 

7. The legs of the peacock are long and horrendous. 

8. Its wings have blue spots. 

9. It has magnificent blue velvet tone on its long neck. 

10. Its plumes are used in various exacting spots. 

10 Lines on Parrot - 3

1. Peacock has for a long while been a piece of Indian culture and society. 

2. Peacock is isolated into 3 kinds of Indian, Green and Congo. 

3. The Indian Peacock is the most notable sort of peacock found in various zoos. 

4. They are one of the greatest flying birds. 

5. Females lay 3-5 eggs. Following 28 days, the young bird rises up out of the egg. 

6. Male peacock attracts female peacock by showing its magnificent crest. 

7. Peacocks have various customary trackers, including canines, cats, raccoons, tigers and mongooses. 

8. The running speed of a peacock is around 16 km/h. 

9. The tail tufts of a peacock can show up at a length of six feet. 

10. They produce sound with the help of their tail. A peacock can make 11 interesting sounds. 

Few Sentences on Parrot in English 

1. Peacock is a significant bird, whose plumes are dazzling. 

2. These wings are amazingly long and have spots like markings on them. 

3. They are generally found in fields and gardens where there is warm temperature. 

4. They are omnivores, that is, they feed on both vegetation and little animals. 

5. People use peacock feathers for enhancement purposes. 

5 Points on Parrot for kids 

1. Peacock is our public bird and holds unimaginable importance for India. 

2. Generally, peacocks are 195 to 225 cm long and the ordinary heap of a peacock is around 5 kg. 

3. They have an amazingly long tail which is now and again called a train. 

4. A peacock can fly for an incredibly short distance. 

5. Indian fables has various short stories and legends about the peacock. 

Five sentences about parrot bird 

1. Peacock was articulated the public bird of India in 1963. 

2. Peacocks are found in India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Africa. 

3. There are a couple of kinds of peacock which appear absolutely white in concealing close by their plumage. 

4. Around evening time, peacocks climb trees to safeguard themselves from attackers. 

5. Peacocks are incredibly prepared in nature, they start disturbing various people from their peacock family when they feel any kind of danger. 

Basic Lines and sentences on bird parrot - 

  •  Parrot is a very beautiful bird.
  • These are commonly found in every country of the world.
  • Their green colored feathers are very beautiful.
  • They have a red light that turns and is very fast and strong.
  • They build their nests in the quotients of these huge trees.
  •  As the age increases, the male parrots have colorful thorns around their neck, which further enhances their beauty.
  • Parrot is a herbivorous bird.
  • They like to eat grains, fruits, leaves and seeds.
  • They are especially fond of fruits like mango and guava. 
  • But domestic parrots say with great enthusiasm all the things that we give them.
  • Parrots fly very fast, usually they fly in flocks.
  • It's great to see them flying in flocks.
  • Their food habits are also unique. They grab anything easily with their claws and then bite it with their beak and say it with great pleasure.
  • His speaking ability is amazing.
  • They are adept at copying. These words that they often hear are easily observable.
  • They copy human speech very easily due to which people like to follow it abundantly.
  • People in India usually teach words like Ram-Rama, Sitaram, Mattu and Hare-Hare. They can be easily domesticated. They entertain everyone with their antics.


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