10 sentences on cow

 10 sentences about cow in English for students 

1. Cow is tamed. 

2. Cow has one mouth and two ears. 

3. Cow has two conspicuous eyes. 

4. The nose of a cow is huge. 

5. Cow's tail is long. 

6. Cow has four legs. 

7. Cow has four udders. 

8. The body of the cow is greater and more extensive than the back. 

9. The cow gives lovely milk in the initial segment of the day and in the evening. 

10. Cow is white, dark, brown, concealed.

10 sentences on cow

Ten  lines on cow - 2

  1. Cow is a pet. 
  2. Cows are of dull, white and hearty hued tones. 
  3. The cow has two horns, four legs and a long tail. 
  4. Most of people keep cows in their homes. 
  5. Cow eats meat. 
  6. Cow is astoundingly straight. 
  7. Cows are not furious like various animals. 
  8. Cow gives milk, which is especially valuable for us. 
  9. Ghee and pastries are delivered utilizing cow's milk. 
  10. Cow is the most prepared animal in India.

Cow has been accessible on our earth for centuries. Cow is seen as like a mother in Hinduism considering the way that comparatively as our mother takes full thought of us, comparably the cow similarly makes us strong by giving us heavenly milk. Cow is found wherever on the world 

Likewise, it is kept as a pet wherever on the world. In our country of India, the cow is seen as regarded in Hinduism. 

Here killing a cow is an outstandingly gigantic bad behavior. By far most of the cows on earth are found in our India. In India, the cow is seen with reverence since it is said in Hinduism that 33 crore divine creatures and goddesses live inside the cow. 

In various countries the cow has the circumstance with a consecrated animal and in India it is adored as a goddess. The Hindu society has given the circumstance with mother to the cow and it is tended to as "Gau-Mata".

Types of Cow in the world 

Around 30 kinds of cow are found in India. Red Sindhi, Sahiwal, Gir, Deoni, Tharparkar, etc are the critical sorts of milch cows in India. 

In open utility, Indian cow can be isolated into three classes. 

Those cows come in the essential class, which give a huge load of milk, yet their relatives is drowsy and from now on silly in cultivating. Such cows are of milk-organized monogamous assortment. 

Various cows are those which give less milk yet their calves are used for agribusiness and truck pulling. These are called Vatspradhan monogamous assortments. 

A couple of cows moreover give copious milk and their calves are furthermore committed. Such cows are called all-round kinds of cows. 

Shades of Cow: Cow is of various shadings like white, dim, red, almond and pied.

15 easy lines on cow animal in English - 3

  1. Cow is a local and amazingly productive animal. 
  2. It is basic to people of Hindu religion. 
  3. It is maybe the fundamental pet animal kept by basically every one people of Hinduism.
  4.  This female animal that gives us milk twofold a day is around the start of the day and evening. 
  5. Some give cow's milk triple each day as shown by their eating routine and breaking point.
  6.  Cow is considered by Hindu people as a mother and called as Gau Mata. 
  7. Hindu people respect and love cow doubtlessly. 
  8. Cow's milk is offered to the god during the puja and katha. 
  9. It is moreover used to favor the God and Goddess symbol during festivities and pujas. 
  10. Cow's milk is given high status in the overall population as it is uncommonly useful for us. 
  11. She delivers a little calf following a year.
  12.  He/she doesn't give any movement to your kid to walk or run, he/she starts walking and seeking after basically birth. 
  13. Her calf drinks her milk several days or months and starts eating like hers. 
  14. Cow is an incredibly holy animal for all Hindus. 
  15. It is a tremendous local animal having four legs, one tail, two ears, two eyes, one nose, one mouth, one head and a wide back.


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