10 sentences on dog in English

 10 sentences on dog in English for students 

1. Dog is an especially devoted animal. 

2. It has two eyes, two ears, four legs, one tail and one sharp tooth. 

3. It runs speedy. 

4. It eats rice, fish, meat, etc 

5. People keep it in their home as a "picture of regard". 

1. Dog is a devoted animal found in the house, it is also found in the forested areas. 

2. The limit of the dog to smell is strong. 

3. A dog can make a collection of sounds. 

4. It will in general be seen even around evening time. 

5. It is found in different species wherever on the world. 

1. The name of my pet dog is Rocky. 

2. Harsh is my best friend. 

3. It's treacherous yet fair. 

4. Harsh loves to eat chocolate and rolls. 

5. He plays football with me. I furthermore like playing with Rocky. 

1. Dog is a pet. It's anything but's a quadrupedal animal. 

2. Its teeth are sharp. 

3. The dog has two splendid eyes. 

4. It's anything but's an omnivorous animal. 

5. They have more hearing and smell than individuals. 

6. Dog is a shrewd animal. 

7. It is found in colors like dull, white, brown, etc 

8. A dog stays dedicated to its owner for the span of its life. 

9. Dogs take in and out through the mouth through the tongue. 

10. Both the police and the tactical keep dogs to get the criminals. 

5 lines on dog 

1. A dog is a pet that is reliably loyal and trustworthy to its owner. 

2. Dogs are of different sizes going from little to enormous. 

3. Dog's feet have sharp nails. 

4. The dog is prepared while snoozing, it stirs at the littlest turn of events. 

5. He is very inclined toward eating meat and bread. 

6. It's anything but's an eye on your home around evening time. 

7. This is our genuine friend. 

8. There are different sorts of dog breeds available wherever on the world. Like Bulldog, German Shepherd, Akbush Dog, Australian Shepherd, Basenjis, etc 

9. It safeguards our home from punks. 

10. As we most likely know they can't talk yet they can feel. Thusly, we should manage them. 

10 lines on dog - 2

1. Dog is a local animal that is controlled by individuals and is the most notable pet of man. 

2. They have four legs and a tail and produce "Woof", "Bark" and "Sniff" sounds. 

3. They are fiery, pleasing and dedicated to individuals. 

4. Female dogs are grouped "bitch"; Their youths are called by the name "Little guy". 

5. On an ordinary, a female dog can deliver 3-6 youthful doggies at the same time. 

6. A social occasion of no less than three dogs is known as a "pack". 

7. The typical future of a dog is 10 to 13 years. 

8. There are around 800 sorts of dogs in the world. 

9. By influencing it's anything but's, a dog shows its veneration and affection towards its owner. 

10. It is also acknowledged that having a dog can cut down your heartbeat.

10 sentences on dog

Pet Animal dog 10 lines - 3

  1. A dog is a pet. 
  2. Dogs are seen as the most resolute of all animals. 
  3. Dog's inclination of smell is high. 
  4. It has four legs, two eyes, two ears and a tail. 
  5. There are various sorts of dogs and they come in different tones. 
  6. Their size similarly moves. 
  7. Rich people keep dogs to screen their homes. 
  8. Regardless, a couple of dogs, which no one keeps, they meander the streets and squares. 
  9. They wander generally searching for food. 
  10. They eat rice, meat, fish, bread rolls, etc


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