5 lines on cow

  1.  Cow takes after a mother to us as it gives us milk twofold every day. 
  2. It truly centers around us and supports us through its strong and nutritious milk. 
  3. It is found in essentially every area of the world. 
  4. Almost everyone keeps cow at home to get new and sound milk step by step.
  5.  It is a fundamental and significant local animal. 
  6. Cow is a pet animal which is seen as sacred and supportive like every thing (milk, ghee, curd, co-fertilizer and cow-mutra). 
  7. Co-compost is amazingly significant for plants, individuals and various purposes. It is considered consecrated and is used during various pujas and legends in Hinduism. 
  8. He is by and large used to eat green grass in one spot instead of recorded field. Gau mutra is useful to discard various afflictions.

5 lines on cow in English for students - 2

  • Cow is a pet. It is helpful for us. Cow gives us milk. Cow's milk is generally significant for small kids, since every one of the supplements are available in it. 

  • We call the cow 'our mom'. Dead cow cowhide is additionally valuable. He is a four legged creature. He has two horns. His tail is long. Cow repulses mosquitoes and flies by its tail, it ruminates with the assistance of its four enormous jaws. 

  • Cow's new milk is nutritious. This milk is useful for a wiped out individual to an exceptionally solid individual. 
  • At the point when the calf of the cow grows up, it is utilized to convey the heap as a bull and furrow as horticulture. Curd, ghee, margarine, paneer, desserts and mawa are produced using cow's milk. Accordingly, cow's milk is a nutritious food, where every one of the components and nutrients vital for food are accessible. 
  • Cow nibbles on grass, a decent variety cow gives 30-40 liters of milk each day. Cow fertilizer is utilized as nation excrement. 
  • My cow is my #1 creature. Cow is of most extreme significance among every single trained creature. In our nation cow is considered as mother. The idea of a cow is straightforward. 
  • It is the most innocent and reasonable among pets. It has a long tail, four legs, two horns, two ears, two eyes and four udders. 
  • Cow is of dark, white, brown, red-pigmented shading and so on Cow eats grass, cakes, feed and so forth Cow gives us milk. Cow's milk is sweet and solid. 
  • It makes curd, ghee, spread, mawa and so forth Fertilizer is produced using its manure. Cow's calves grow up to become bulls, which are useful in cultivating. In this manner the cow is an exceptionally helpful creature.


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