Short essay on Earth

 Short essay on Earth  for students and children for all classes- Our earth is the most excellent planet in our nearby planetary group. Supposedly, Earth is the lone planet where there is life. Prior to 500 AD, man had a decent connection with the earth. In any case, since people created urban communities and ventures, there has been an adjustment of the advanced way of life. People are utilizing and manhandling regular assets to the degree, presently we are destroying far off corners of the planet looking for raw petroleum and coal, and our timberlands and wild creatures are absent. 

Our current circumstance is completely dirtied. We drink contaminated water, inhale dusty air, and eat food with hints of pesticides and other harmful synthetic substances. That is the reason we are experiencing illnesses. Because of human exercises, there is an opening in the ozone layer, the ocean is rising, and the ice covers of Antarctica and Greenland are softening. Presently an Earth-wide temperature boost is cautioning us that environmental change isn't a trick and it is coming. The earth is at serious risk; Life on earth is in peril we should meet up to save our nurturing and life saving earth.

Short essay on Earth

Earth is the solitary planet in our nearby planetary group on which people can live. No other planet has seas, other living things, and enough oxygen to inhale easily. Since we have a ton of water, Earth is known as the Blue Planet. The planet seems blue from the seas joined with the climate from space. 

Around 71% of the Earth is covered with water. Earth is the solitary planet where water can exist in fluid structure on a superficial level. Despite the fact that we have water emerging from our ears, one percent of it is drinkable, the majority of it frozen or pungent. Earth is the third biggest planet from the Sun and is the nearest to the Sun alongside Mercury and Venus. 

It is around 24,920 miles from Earth at the equator which implies it will actually want to hold 33,000,000 individuals clasping hands as far as possible. The land on Earth is comprised of numerous plates and once this load of plates were consolidated, it is feasible to move from one side of the Earth to the next. Plates are discrete pieces that are continually moving so the ground keeps on streaming gradually. Today there are seven particular terrains known as landmasses. 

  • 1,000 tons of meteors fall on Earth each day.
  •  Just 11% of the Earth's surface is utilized to develop food. 

  • Wind hefts 100 million tons of sand grains around the Earth each year. This implies that on the off chance that you live in the United States, you can have sand from the desert in China. 
  • Antarctica is the coldest spot on Earth. The whole landmass is comprised of ice.
How to save earth short essay 

Following are some compelling approaches to save the earth:

• We ought not squander water and utilize simply as per our necessity. We should wash just messy garments in cool water. Thusly, we can save a few gallons of water each day.

• People should share private vehicles and, by and large, utilize public vehicle to lessen ozone harming substance outflows.

• People should utilize bikes to work in neighborhoods.

• People ought to follow 3R strategies for example Reuse, Reuse a lot.

• People should produce regular manures, which are the best composts for crops.

• We should utilize Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs (CFL) instead of normal bulbs since, they have a more drawn out life and utilize short of what 33% of the power, which will decrease the utilization of power and the discharge of ozone harming substances .

• We ought not utilize electric warmers and climate control systems without need.

• We ought to get our own vehicles fixed every now and then and drive better to lessen contamination.

• We should kill the lights, fans and other electrical apparatuses to decrease the utilization of power.

• We should plant an ever increasing number of trees in our encompassing regions to decrease the impact of contamination and ozone depleting substance.

What is earth day

Earth Day is commended on 22 April consistently since 1970 to save the earth under the Environment Project. The motivation behind beginning this undertaking is to urge individuals to live in a solid climate.


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