Short essay on my little sister | 10 lines on my sister in English

 Short essay on my little sister  - My sister's name is Lancy. she is more youthful than me. she is six years of age. She is the most youthful individual from my family. She concentrates in class 1. 

She is exceptionally sweet and fun loving. He is of high repute to us all. My dad loves him definitely. She jumps at the chance to eat chocolates and chips. 

More often than not she is occupied with playing with her dolls and her kitchen set. She doesn't allow anybody to contact her toys with the exception of me. 

She plays with me and adheres to every one of my guidelines. She follows me when I do my artwork. She mirrors me in all that I do, which makes us chuckle. 

She goes to class in the first part of the day by school transport. He makes the most of his investigations. She jumps at the chance to watch animation motion pictures on TV. We watch tom and jerry kid's shows together. 

She in some cases attempts to help my mom in the kitchen. She poses extremely straightforward and blameless inquiries which are some of the time hard for us to reply. 

Short essay on my little sister

Short essay on My Sister Essay 

The senior sibling or sister is an incredible motivation to his more youthful siblings and sisters, as is my senior sister Neha. 

I have a more youthful sibling Shekhar and a senior sister Neha. We as a whole live with our folks and grandmas. 

Both my folks work the entire week, so my more seasoned sister deals with us. I generally admire her as a good example, and I realize she will be there for me at whatever point I need her. 

She is my motivation, and my closest companion. I cherish and respect her since she is an adoring, mindful, keen and kind individual. 

My grandma is truly old and unfit to stroll all alone. My sister Neha deals with our grandma by giving her meds on schedule, checking her circulatory strain and monitoring her actual records. 

Everybody in the family adores him. I love her a great deal. 

Short Essay on My Sister

A large portion of us in my family have sisters. A few of us have a more youthful sister and some have a more seasoned one. We are four kin in my family. There is just a single sister who is the oldest of us all. Today I will share something about him. 

My sister's name is Snehashi and she considers science in a close by school. I believe she will be a researcher. They have set up a little lab in the house and our entrance there is restricted. In any case, at times she welcomes we all to show her little trials. I love his science tests, they are truly invigorating. 

She is a praiseworthy understudy of her school. She is useful and helps everybody. At the point when any of us deal with an issue, we ask her and she discovers answers for us. 

We think she knows it all and can do anything. He is our superhuman. We love investing energy with him. 

My sister is the best sister. We as a whole love her without a doubt and she cherishes us as well. 

"I will give you all the joy on the planet, I will satisfy each obligation of being my sibling." 

 Few Lines on My Sister

1. My senior sister's name is Rahi. 

2. She is three years more established than me. 

3. She is exceptionally excellent. 

4. He and I concentrate in a similar school and go together. She helps me in examinations. 

5. My sister is the best sister on the planet.  

5 lines about my sister (set 2) 

1. My sister is 5 years more youthful than me. 

2. She is beautiful contrasted with every other person in our family. 

3. He is useful in all aspects of my life like doing my housework, cleaning things and furthermore doing projects. 

4. She is a decent understudy in the school. 

5. We concentrate together in a similar school and we go to class together. 

10 Lines on my sister

1. My sister's name is Simran. 

2. He loves to eat chocolate. 

3. She jumps at the chance to play with me. 

4. His number one pastime is perusing story books. 

5. She gets a kick out of the chance to stare at the TV. 

6. She generally shares everything with me. 

7. She goes to class each day. 

8. She is so wonderful. 

9. She generally helps the guardians. 

10. I love her and she cherishes me as well. 

10 Lines on My Sister in Hindi Essay (Set 4) - Few Lines on My sister in Hindi 

1. My sister's name is "Deepti", everybody calls her "Deepu". 

2. I call her "Deepu Didi", she is 7 years more seasoned than me. 

3. We are in a similar school and we go to class in a similar school transport. 

4. My sister is exceptionally useful, she additionally assists me with schoolwork and tasks. 

5. She is excellent in investigations, every one of the educators love her. 

6. She generally starts things out in her group. 

7. I need to resemble my sister. 

8. I'm glad for my sister, she is my legend. 

9. I love my sister without a doubt.


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